Render a Blippa variable as EAN code

Nov 10, 2021 . FAQ

Screenshot 2021-11-10 at 15.30.45

We have now made it possible to render a text variable as EAN code.

This only works in the editor.



You can also specify what kind of EAN code to generate:



Here is a list of all possible options and the corresponding EAN version.

"ean8": EAN8,
"ean13": EAN13,
"ean": EAN13,
"gtin": EAN14,
"ean14": EAN14,
"jan": JAN,
"upc": UPCA,
"upca": UPCA,
"isbn": ISBN13,
"isbn13": ISBN13,
"gs1": ISBN13,
"isbn10": ISBN10,
"issn": ISSN,
"code39": Code39,
"pzn": PZN,
"code128": Code128,
"itf": ITF,
"gs1_128": Gs1_128,