What does Blippa mean? – To scan, touch, pay or activate

Based in Stockholm Sweden, Blippa was officially founded in 2020 and is using its technology to create a unique way of creating and managing physical and digital objects. Through its no-code platform, you can create and share unique object-based information with others.

Blippa’s motto for technology would in Swedish be called – “Utan strul” which can be translated to “without hassle”, ie we must facilitate and remove all obstacles along the way so that anyone can easily create and go digital swiftly using our services. Without being dependent on an app – anyone with a smartphone is a potential user of our technology and we know that we help our clients to reach the largest possible audience.

The road to where we stand today with our platform has been long and difficult and our concept has gone through multiple iterations.

Getting something complex to be experienced as swift and easy takes time and patience.

In many cases, we have focused on things that others do not care so much about or even have not seen a true value in making digital. A boat, a pump, a fan, a bag or a cat?

But the more we have worked and put our effort into it, the more we have become convinced that we are onto something big.

We asked ourselves:

What if you could make anything go digital by just scanning the object with a cell phone camera?

Through Blippa’s complete set of tools, we equip ordinary people, without specific code knowledge, with everything they need to succeed with their project from idea, to no-code development and testing to distribution and activation.


Blippa’s platform and technology are built to handle billions of objects in operation worldwide. Even though we praise No-code, we prioritize our own and other developers. We want to make it possible for as many people as possible to integrate with Blippa’s platform.

Our platform also allows you to share object pages with other partners, customers or suppliers.

In principle, it can be said that each object can live its own life. With functions, role management, design, links and labels.

Meet the Founders

Mikael Runhem and Daniel Carlman are the founders of

Blippa is the leading creative development platform for digital twin objects based on QR, NFC, Geo-location, or other unique identities. Blippa has created thousands of objects within a wide range of industrial verticals around the world.

Mikael is one of Sweden’s most successful internet entrepreneurs and a pioneer in software development. He was awarded the “IT Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2010 with the motivation: “With a true entrepreneur, a number of seemingly contradictory traits coexist. He or she must possess long-term and impatience, risk-taking and caution, propensity for change and perseverance. Mikael Runhem owns all these features in rich measure. ”

From working on introducing electronic mail, Mikael switched to developing standard software for building websites. The company EPiServer became one of the world’s leading suppliers, largely due to a partner network and an economic model around this. Today, Mikael works partly with his own software company Pergite, as CTO for Blippa and with mentorship and idea development.

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur with experience as a founder and CEO of a number of different internet companies, including the CEO and co-founder of the Deep-tech company ManoMotion AB, originating from research at KTH -the Royal Institute of Engineering. Founder and CEO of Healthcare Media and Founder and CEO of Daniel has previously been operational in the management team for Unibet and has a solid background from Handelsbanken with responsibility for Mobile banking services and business development around mobile security solutions.

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