A lifecycle platform for objects, things & services

Unique data & value to customers - in every scan

We make it sustainable for the things you care about

What if you could give any object a website with just a sticker and using your mobile phone. Our technology enables rapid massive deployment on thousands of objects. Blippa opens up new ways to connect with users by engaging them right on the product itself.

Product-based commerce and support with knowledge about exactly which product is being reported by who and where it is located – all with no app required.

Massive Reach

Massive Reach

Blippa offers the widest reach possible of all object platforms with 3.5 billion smartphones worldwide across iOS and Android devices.

Unique objects & unique services

Unique objects & unique services

Each object becomes unique. This means everything becomes possible on a personal level. Gain control of your product from manufacturing to recycling. The right content for the right user.

No App Required

No App Required

Scan with any smartphone – Blippa requires no app to download, reducing activation energy and barrier to entry to increase engagement with your product.

Success for all involved

Blippa is demonstrating value at every stage of the lifecycle of a product. From production sourcing to manufacturing, sales, usage and recycling.



Samsonite can enable all their customers with digital ownership and tracking for their unique products with Luggage ID.



Kiwa is saving 15 minutes on average on every elevator inspection performed with Blippa compared to other tools at hand.


lower costs

Ragnsells predictive maintenance case saves maintenance costs by 35% over the lifespan of their objects.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blippa

Blippa.com is a No-code platform for unique things and services. Blippa requires no app to download. Users access blippa objects by clicking a link or scanning a QR code to open an object page in their browser.

A QR code is a machine-readable code used for storing a URL or other information. This information can be read through any smartphone camera.

QR – stands for Quick Response.

What is unique about Blippa is that each QR code has its own individual website.

Yes – most modern phones do.
Most iPhones can read or scan QR codes without having to download any application. The camera automatically detects a QR code on Iphone 4 and up.
Google introduced support for QR codes in 2018, so basically, all phones running Android 9 or later can scan a QR code from the camera app.

Static QR Codes are not possible to change after they are produced.

This means it can’t be recorded or tracked.

Dynamic QR Codes stores your url and makes it possible to change the url over time.

This gives you the benefit that you do not have to change the actual QR code if you change the content.

This reduces the time and cost, to print new QR Codes.

With dynamic QR Codes, all the user interactions can be tracked, providing you with analytics.

The ability to scan a QR Code depends on many things. It can be color, size, shape, logo size, and which background you have used.

To improve – Make sure the QR code has contrast to the background color.

You can also change the error rate of the QR code.

You can develop and publish an object free of charge with Blippa.  Get started with Blippa by registering an account here. 

Yes, the Blippa platform easily lets you switch between re-directs and a more advanced object page.

We are glad you asked. Yes we do!  Blippa is built with developers in mind.  You can read more here!