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Blippa.com originates from one of Pergite Software AB’s own development projects. The idea was born in 2008 when the street lamp outside my parking lot broke. Not good if you are afraid of car theft… Who do you contact for a broken lamp?

The experience of trying to report errors led to thoughts about labels with an SMS code on each post. Where the SMS would automatically end up in different case management systems or email boxes.
But this was followed by the realization that it would in any case be too cumbersome to report errors.

The years went by and despite obstacles on the way we started building the foundation for Blippa after all.

When smartphones with GPS started to roll out on a broader front, we added support for geo-positioning and virtual fencing. We looked at QR codes and added support for them. But it was still difficult as it would require you to download a separate app – a QR reader, just to be able to report errors…

When Apple then built the QR reader function into the regular camera app, everything changed: Now no separate app was needed, just point the camera at the code and voilà! It all worked seamlessly.

The first real customer became a company that builds roads. Their problem was that they had to bring binders with them to the excavator cabins in order to be able to show brake test certificates, insurance papers, a list of chemicals, etc. when the Swedish Transport Administration’s inspectors showed up. Apart from the fact that the small muddy cabins were not intended as a library, there was always the worry of having missed some paper and then receiving a fine.

We solved this by putting QR labels on the vehicle doors and creating special websites, one for each vehicle. All information was gathered there and could be easily maintained. Over time, the Blippa technology was used in the construction of Björnberget, which is one of Europe’s largest wind farms. All vehicles, tanks, and other equipment use the Blippa technology and can be displayed on large overview screens.

We automatically ended up connecting the Blippa system to various underlying systems. We started with our favorite system Trello, then Fortnox, then CAT (for online data from all CAT vehicles).
Over time, this became the basis for our advanced variable system, where data from different sources can be mixed with data from the Blippa pages.

We learned that the layout with “generic” stickers that only consist of a QR code, company logo, and possibly a small text but are not linked to any specific object was a winner. Letting service technicians bring a bundle of stickers and then at the first “blip” tie this to what the label has been put on made it super easy to introduce on already existing equipment.

The next step is to build us together with different business systems (type Monitor etc.) where the product’s Blippa identity is created already during production and the QR code can be etched on the usual nameplates.

For those of us who have worked with other web-based systems over the years, the Blippa project differs by being without competition the most creative platform we have ever worked with. The wish lists that I and my partner (also CEO) Daniel Carlman challenge our brilliant developers with, contain visions and ideas for years to come.

But, despite the constant lack of development resources, new features are added every day. Or improvements.

In short, Blippa is a super fun platform to be a part of building!

/ Mikael Runhem, CTO

2008 – The basic idea is born
Error reporting of broken lampposts via number codes

2017 – Apple adds support for QR codes
Now no special program was needed, just the regular camera app!

2018 – The first embryo of blippa.com sees the light of day
Different functions and target groups are tested.

2020 – Blippa.com 1.0 is launched
We bought our first professional label printer and started producing the first series of our smart stickers.

2021 – Blippa.com 2.0 is launched
We redesigned the editors – page, qr and label with advanced features as well as upgraded the layout of the admin backend. How we create, and structure objects and templates.

2022 – Added new variable support and multiple 3rd party integrations, such as Google, Slack, Excel etc. Extended our system with a more advanced label editor with external integrations. Launched a new blippa.com website.

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